Day 340, Moments

~ Moments ~

Fleeting they are, far and few between.

If were not quick enough they flutter by unseen.

I found a moment or two and stole them just the same.

I was not aware of their natures or even their name.

This moment was not mine, but one I observed.

Because a moment can be caught, shared, and conserved.


This was just a moment sitting with my partner one day in a coffee shop. After some time you observe your surroundings and upon a new scanning of the café I saw a girl sit now far from us, hair hair layered colors of blond, in a blunt bob of sorts. She had her head down intently studying some scribbles she had made. there was something beautiful in the sorrows etched upon her face, for that moment she captured my interest and became my muse. I had my sketch pad with me and started sketching immediately and just played around with it some more on a later day. There was so much that happened that day but that moment left its mark, that moment claimed the day, and my memory banks have now categorized it as her day. 

I have taken some moments and some distance. I wish to say it has all done me well but alas I cannot, this would be a lie. There are hard days, weeks, months, but there are also wonderous moments, that for a mind like mine seem so powerful yet the evaporate as quickly as they arrived. Like the tiny bubbles of joy, blown into the winds and carried to their unknown demise. One of my new little quirks got a little bubble machine and some wands and you know they really wake up that childlike joy we tend to forget when were adulting. I’ve had to learn to document my mood variations a little more to understand and work with them.  It is jarring when you actually begin to study how your mind works and all the factors affecting it. This is something I’m happy to learn and have sought help to navigate those realms. 

Ego can be strong and blinding, I can no longer let the other parts fall by the wayside. At the end of the day they are equally strong to reside in the shadows constantly letting ego win out when its obvious it should take a back seat. 

Don’t forget to take moments for ALL of yourselves.

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