Day 331, Glow

~ Glow ~

Infinite collapse

Reborn, refreshed, returning,

Awake yet asleep.


This was a beautiful lamp I found at a café, I love it, I loved it wasn’t on and it was only reflecting the rays of sunlight cascading through the large picturesque windows. I found myself lost in thought just starring at it. I loved the feelings it evoked, I love that it almost resembled a black hole, it was resonating and at the same time drawing me into it. I saw my core, I saw the sun, I saw earth, I saw space and the galaxies, I saw sun flares erupting rhythmically from the suns surface. I made this poem while starring into that abyss. Inspired by cyclical life energies and experiences.

Once I pulled my attention away I started to sketch taking another glance around the café everyone roughly 7 feet apart, reading the QR codes everywhere registering their presence. I let two of my pieces hang now in the center of town, down one of the streets there’s an art store. That has mini exhibit from local artist now and then. I’m new to the town and thought ok sure. I still feel unsure lol but here they sit there now for some time might even find new homes. The thing I honestly dislike is not being there to sense how people respond, that energy and engagement is always so nice or at least nourishing in some way. My mind sometimes wanders into the realm of curiosity of what artist who have passed and attained great recognition after their deaths. Would they enjoy to see what has become of their works , how there monetized sold, given meanings some of them may have never intended. Just things I like to think about randomly. I chose “Lost” And “Sirens Lament” they can glance upon the outside world for some time, and do some reconnaissance.

My sketch, I think I’m pulling from a closeness and yet a extreme distance in some of our connections. That insurmountable chasm that always lies between people. We build so many rope bridges trying to traverse this distance, they fray, tear, and fall apart, to swing in the winds for all times, reminding us of our many attempts to bridge the gap.

“Lost” & “Sirens Lament ” Making some new friends.

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