Day 317, Mirroring

~ Mirroring ~

Pervading presence

Hateful, Lustful glaring gaze

Control imagined.


Just a snowy day behind doors lost in thought. This was a random thought as I was looking at some of my favorite images of a friend of mine. She’s charismatic and beautiful with a laugh that could kill. I think she has been my muse on several occasions in some way shape or form. We met abruptly from a comment or so online and then thru Facebook. We talked often and at random intervals. One day a ticket was bought and a travel was made so we could hang out and get to know each other in person. We both took a chance that the other person on the other end reflected what we thought we observed in our communications. She is like the sun to my moon, she can find joy where my melancholy at times would drown the world. I love this I love that balance I feel I love that she notices this in myself as well. When we talk via the latest apps online etc, Its like I’m speaking with family, in fact it is just like this as hours can fade by as though they were mere minutes. As we reflect and refract our shared and unique experiences with each other.

This is what I find beautiful and necessary in todays society as a whole, as those that wish to control the masses panic a little more each day, observing people searching for and finding common bonds between themselves, and in this also a common power. They may have a little more time around the world to corrupt and blind the eyes of those that would see, those that would speak and try to elevate the minds of their fellow humans, their brothers their sisters, their family. You see it through media of all sorts from what is to be regarded as news, but at times functions as propaganda to serve the purpose and egos of a few. You see it in apps on everyone’s devices as they search out content they will digest, only to have it removed and the creators shadow banned. The people have always had the power and they always will, and the day they wake up and acknowledge, understand, see, and love each other will be the true day of the next evolution of man. This I know to be true, this I have observed in many occasions in their interactions and it brings me such joy I cannot even express it in the words that exist currently. What brings great pain is to watch the small chipping away that occurs almost daily from elected politicians, celebrities, influencers, leaders, people with platforms that then perpetrate the same corrupt and controlling ideals in order to attain just a piece of the proverbial pie of success by mans definition.

When I started sketching I think my mind kind of vaulted all over the place as it is likely to do. Once I started sketching the selfie image I then thought of the power that the image would have over another and my mind started spinning thinking of people, and simply all of the images we share and take and their perceived meanings, intentioned meanings and the vast expanse betwixt the two where they transcend to multiple plains and levels of thought and debate and purpose. Ok I’m laughing now thinking ok you just said betwixt!

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