Day 308, Convergence

~ Convergence ~

Elements bonded

Combined, contained, chaotic

Patterns, mirrored deep.


In this poem I think of all the converging points within and without, mirrored and reflected. It’s something unifying and beautiful, as you observe for example in nature. We were riding down the road someplace when this poem came to me. As I saw dust in the distance swelling and swirling dancing rhythmically in the winds on the side of the road, mirrored that winter when snowy flakes danced with chilling effect, again by the currents of the sea’s frantic foamy motions, in the heat of the flames as they engulf the sky’s energized, in the desert sands over the next heatwave crested dune, Each breathtaking and overwhelmingly beautiful, lost somewhat in the swirling of my mind.

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