Day 291, Stardust

Day 291 (1 of 1)

~ Stardust ~

Evolving beings

Colorful marbles collide

Shatter and disperse.


Today is so hot was all that was on my mind today. I’m not a heat person and never have been, also why my nickname ArcticAmazon stuck. I love the cold, in the cold things are calm, hibernating, chilled and relaxed. I love this I love the darkness and the northern lights painting the sky as though we were trapped in a large prismatic globe. Today however the sky over this area is clear and the sun is blazing down, every step causes what feels like a downpour of perspiration if you dare to venture outside. Reminds me of this one day in the past living in a new city and I had to venture out and beat the pavement as they say while finding new work. I was overly positive, thinking I could handle the sizzling sidewalks and hot breezes whipping by. Literally if you had on sneakers they felt like they were sticking to the pavement. But this day I continued looking for work with my best foot forward and smiling and charming and doing my best. Not realizing the day would be for naught as almost every interview I went to, I appeared to have just stepped out of a shower. I would have to visit the bathrooms several times before being called in to freshen up and try to look normal. This was one of the few times I had to give in to my heat exhaustion I do not and can’t tolerate heat I feel dizzy and I tend to be so drained I can’t move, or think. So during that time living in Florida I gave into my Gothic side becoming the ultimate vampire girl. I slept soundly during the day in my cold crypt of a room and would only venture out when the sun had set. Everything had to happen in those hours as I was useless during the daytime.

Today’s poem is hard because where many of us would like to see humans evolving were instead observing what feels like a backwards fall. A shattering of sorts, we all see the constant news we all have absorbed everything taking place around the world. Especially for those of us that are empathetic this feels insurmountable, this feels like too much and today for this moment I fight not to have tears mixed with sweat. So I found a little solace in sketching today, and the fact that on some days we have to take some time for ourselves to recuperate so we can fight a new day. Or we shall surely burn out quickly like a falling star.

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