Day 231, ~ Sangria ~

Day 231 (1 of 2).jpg

~ Sangria ~

Worn out and weary

Libations release swirling,

Sangria flowing.



Made her when I finally got to taste my first sangria, It was a long day and I was tired and drawn in by a street sign vibrant and displaying today’s drink Sangria so I thought why not I’ve never had one and it’s a new experience. I don’t drink much but sometimes it does help a wandering mind to calm. This moment that’s what I needed. A distraction and relaxation, I found it only partially as my fruity chilled drink was being enjoyed I was roped into a conversation with the man next to me who loved what I was doing, after the compliment was made and I thanked him and smiled, I wanted to retreat back into my introverted bubble in silence, with my sketching , my sangria and salad. After maybe 85 percent of my time there was occupied by him, I knew I couldn’t relax. He was ok a nice older man just curious, but my mind was elsewhere, and I just needed some alone time, so I gathered my things and left. On the way out a woman across the room looked up and we shared a moment where it seemed she was saying “I know!” With a quirky smile and one returned from myself we giggled inwardly, and I disappeared down the street.

I smiled and laughed to myself it was not the moment I wanted but it was a moment and I created something from it, so it was a good day. And in our world where so much fights to bring us down in despair, the fruity notes of the drink and the fact that a moment was shared is enough to appreciate the small things we can smile about and enjoy. I was annoyed by the constant flirting of the man after his initial compliment for my creations but I still chose to be pleasing I chose to engage, I chose to try and be a light because I don’t know what he was dealing with in his life nor he in mine. But there was still no reason to resort to an old New York mentality one of my friends used to have and try and instill in me. Where she would just say FUCK OFF immediately shutting down any unwanted attention with such force you hope the message gets across. That’s never been me, at times I wish I could but its not me. I smile and relocate lol. My weariness from engaging, engaging, and engaging, and smiling, will come later when my face can become firmly planted in my pillow for the nights slumber.

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