Day 229, Summer Heat

Day 229 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Summer Heat ~

Languishing moments

Exhaustion invades us all

Bask in the glowing.




I didn’t know if after this personal extraction from everything if Id return or not I still don’t know. There was a lot of reflection and just evaluating everything, everyone and all my life encompasses to this day. I felt tired exhausted and once the heat waves started, I felt exposed, raw and so uncomfortable in the heat feeling as though my wings would melt trying to fly close to the sun. I gasp for air my flesh hot to the touch, my mind unable to focus on anything like the moisture around it was evaporating, leaving my mind in the dust of intentions, dreams and opportunities. My eyes are partially opened now, but I still feel blinded. I’ve tried to remove everything that stood between me and the elements and yet something still stands in the way. Something I may not be able to remove so easily, something that the form of is ever changing and adapting to conceal and to cover and to blind me. My eyes closed I look within, the pores of my flesh, now the stars sparkling within. The atmosphere heavy and thick, warm and wet. Comforting and suffocating, beautiful prison of the self.

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