Day 220, ~ Shadows ~

Day 220-2

~ Shadows ~

That moment in time

Caught, controlled, categorized

Absent emotions.


Day 220.jpg


If it’s not written down, filmed, photographed, captured, lived then it did not exist.  Lies many things have existed and humans simply were not around to record it. That’s kind of a beautiful thing I think, well it at least gives me a sense of calm we are not nor have we ever been the be all and end all to the existence of the world and the universe. That said my thought for today is the capturing of places things times however temporary they are. They help us, they help us find ourselves, our loves, our histories that may be forgotten later. We can document and remember some of the horrible things so that we never repeat them. They give us a footprint through time a way to time travel as it were. To learn teach and experience the world and how we process it.Day 220-3.jpg

Some individuals however would dismiss science would dismiss facts for fictional made up feelings about this that and the other. Editing it and maybe outright deleting it and erasing its implications. Bending it to their will to utilize it in ways that weaponize information and the sharing and dissemination of it. Keeping people in the dark as they take what they will and control the narratives. The others blinded by the bright white lights of so-called illumination. While we become blinded momentarily now and then by these bright white beacons of light, stunned in our tracks unable to move or comprehend what is being done until after the fact. When the lights dim, and the realities set in.

Ok my thought process took on another life, Today was thinking about this past week of rain and the weather shows more rain the next week. So, I thought to share for today one of the places we stopped on a trip north for some weeks ago. It was so beautiful there, as soon as your feet hit the sand and saw the mountains and the colors time kind of stopped. The traffic road that was behind us was suddenly silent. So silent for a crazy moment you thought you could hear the suns heat waves whispering in your ears as they fell upon everything. Warming you and melting your body and anxieties and restlessness away, leaving you raw and exposed and kissed ever so gently by the light breeze of chilled arctic air dancing across the mountains and the seas.

This is a good place to end as I reminisce about my time living in Florida, one of the best memories I had was after a long day of work from two jobs. I would take time for myself on the way home to stop and grab something to eat, then drive to a beach. It was dark it was after sunset, so you had to find a safe location. But when you did it was wonderful. I’d open the back of the mini van because you know that’s still a favorite vehicle, I don’t have kids or something, but I loved being able to do things with friends. Anyhow after I would sit in the car and eat and look out over the dark ocean and sands hearing the waves crashing mysteries. I would lock the car and then walk down to the beach in fear but also in fascination a kind of bliss. It was dark, it was the same beach as during the day but blanketed in mysteries. Mysteries of what’s lurking in the dark waters that my limited eyes could not see, what was underfoot when the beach was merely texture dancing between my toes. The air chilled, moist permeating my senses. The full moon a beacon of magic and mystery, its beauty dulled not in the least by reflected shine from a brighter star. The darkness enveloping, beauty transcendentally radiated to all, no differences, no coloration, all with form and function. You, I felt a strength that I attempt to explain to describe but I cannot do it justice. There was a calm, vast power that beckoned me calling out, a siren song. Wading out into the water, my body ignited from the bottom up, icy tingles of fire stippling through me, waking me, bonding with me. My flesh was no more my legs were no more, it was the energy of everything, and I was absorbed. The boundaries had dissipated my eyes were opened, tears fell and flowed, mingling with the waves.

All resonating as one…

Day 220

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