Day 214, ~ Blown away, Leveled ~

Day 214.jpg

~ Blown away, Leveled ~

Multiple layers

Bound and united, constant

All lines crossed, broken.



This was from one of my happy places it was just so amazing looking up and seeing the atmospheric dance that ensued right before my eyes. At one point I was able to capture this structured image the clouds just fell into line, layer upon layers of atmosphere. Our world its inhabitants and all their functions, a kind of orchestra each movement each sound all coming into play to create a symphony of life and experiences.  My being hurts for those suffering under this same sky, this same beautiful encasing atmosphere that shines beautifully on half naked bodies enjoying the beach while others traverse a hard road beat on by the sun, hoping to find safety and a life on the other side and not a wall. Those running for their lives at this very moment in the Sudan and other locations, from vile humans set upon greed and dominance and control of their fellow humans. Those trafficked and controlled for the pleasure of another. Power Power Power! It’s hard and I can’t nor will I ever try to know all pain and relate to it. I can only speak from my own. My mind now is able to process some things that have happened in my past as well, the raw layers of pain and suffering that were ripped from me and exposed to the same beautiful atmosphere mingled and danced for a moment together creating another cord in the symphony of life’s experiences.

We humans should really strive to be stewards of some sort for this world and each other protect and uplift each other. But while suffering happens all over the world you feel helpless, like your contributions achieve nothing, you feel like a naive idiot hoping one day that humanity wakes up.  The multiple cars house’s and exploitation of each other for a man-made dollar is destroying us.

This was my train of thought at my happy place on this little mountain. Looking out over the sea and the sky’s and beyond. One day it all truly will be leveled. I hate my mind sometimes I’m not meaning to be heavy just reflective I guess and aware that while I drank a cup of hot tea that day there was joy but there was also sorrow. Maybe I should take medication to level out my moods and enter a grey zone of contentment. Maybe I’m misguided but when I see something beautiful, I want to keep in mind the rest of that beauty and what lies behind or underneath it somewhere else in the world. Because simply put there’s layers to everything. I am a truly happy person though I think, I have a beautiful loving family on both sides, and they make me smile they keep me light and protected, I smile, and I laugh I enjoy life with them. I miss and love them all, behind my smile thought there is always a thought a fear a realization of something more. This duality makes me human it makes me empathetic and keeps me from becoming a monster. You know the monster some believe is made from playing video games with violence in them.  I play those games along with super cute makes you puke, games where you plant vegetables and talk pleasantly to all villagers and animals. Lol I coin that phrase “Super cute makes you puke!”

Day 214

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