Day 176, ~ Welcome Home ~

Day 176-4.jpg

~ Welcome Home ~

Nestled in comfort

Wind, water and earth fuel you

Burning desires freed



Today my creativity took a turn towards my greenhouse, planting a couple seeds roughly over 400.

When you enter the atmosphere of a green house it just feels fresh in some way like there’s always the smell of dirt’s and water and botanical traces. They just kind of perk open your eyes and heart to what can be. It’s a rainy day today but inside it felt tropical. Outside a little cold and damp now while inside was a nice balmy temperature. Just right for sewing my seeds. Also trying some new bedding designs and techniques. Day 176-3.jpgDay 176-2.jpg

This year I’m going for just flowers everywhere. Decided no veggies this year all though my teeny tiny carrots, onions, and peas from last year tasted good. I’m still so new at this though and with arctic temps as they can be in chilled Norske climates, you must adjust. Something I have not been great at when figuring out when to plant or not to. Worked well last year and I’m a little early with some breeds so green fingers crossed. My eyes are on the buds, welcoming new life,

I hope. I toiled in the soil and enjoyed my time but now its up to my little plants design, with some help of course. I will try flasking. I loved what I’ve researched about this process of allowing the orchid seed to grow in an environment with the symbiotic bond it forms with fungi to grow. I think the site I linked to and many others will describe this so much better. I will give it a go maybe this weekend.

I think this day of unwinding was important after yet another shooting and manifestoed terroristic killing taking place. As cold and calloused as I can be in my video gaming, destructive to a sadistic level even with incendiary weapons. I who have gamed my whole life have still never raised my hands to another in violence. I have a desire to understand and want to nourish or help another if I can and if desired. If I can’t then I will respect their ways as long as they respect mine and neither is harmful to the other. We all have issues and we all have challenges but those that affect the communities should be removed from the communities. Along with everything the advancements of all human contributions have afforded them. They feel as though they can build a perfect society then give them that away from the rest. It’s this on so many levels people and their morality and desires affecting others, WHEN IT SHOULD NOT! Do you be you, but you can’t, and nor do they have the right to hurt kill or maim another. Why do they not affect only themselves?

In some perfect dream world, I could snap my fingers and all those unhappy with their lives or circumstances and seek to hurt or kill others because of well the other. Another culture another race, they fall in another category on the gender spectrum. I would remove all who would sew hate and pain and disastrous mentalities them and place them upon an island of their choosing since they do not wish to grow with humanity in all its forms. They do not wish to see or can’t understand that their lives are permeated by the evolution of our species. Affected with spores from all our past civilizations. Language, clothing, practically everything inside our homes, even inside of us. People are infused with cultures from all over the world given and taken alike. We must not let this type of killing become common place the norm. Today was a happy day but I did cry and felt a great despair thinking of those injured and those that lost and lose their lives because of a twisted ideal and or mentality. My mind feels muddy now and tired its just so tiring, hate and what it sews into the soil of humanity. Solutions seem to be the slower budding flower. Then again maybe we sew them to late.

Day 176.jpg
Tea and a Conversation




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