~ Shadow Flower Nadera ~



~ Shadow Flower Nadera ~


A beautifully flawed creature.

Painted in colors of the deepest, blackest night.

She’s walking again.

Her road, long and without end.

Corners to turn, hills to climb.

She moves like a shadow, sweet and sublime.

Shining a light through, the eyes of a tormented soul.

Her scent poisonous to men of many.

They hunt her, but she has laid the trap.

A timid smile, a fluttering eyelash.

She’s tempting them with honey, kissing them with poison.

Her flower boisterously in bloom.DSC_6642

Opening when the temperature is high.

A gentle touch, a sweet word or sound.

Prey within grasp, dancing ensues.

Polluted pollen everywhere.

His seeds are sewn, and quickly cast away.

Nadera shall bloom another day.

She walks…



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