Day 284, Infestation

~ Infestation ~

Propped up potential
Flourishing briefly a time
Corrupted within.

How fleeting time can be for that spark, that light, that potential, when an infestation slumbers within. Sapping the energy from life, decimating it thoroughly, subtly over time. Exert from Blog

Day 227, ~ Infinite Impressions ~

~ Infinite Impressions ~

We hunger grasping at shadows
Moments lived, perceived and recorded
Emotional layers, compounding each other
Depths unknown and unseen

Corporeal, and tempered parts of us
Cherished and squandered
Tethered paradoxically
We dive over and over delving into the unknown

Endless Manifestations
Dancing twisting and turning
Knotting upon themselves
Strength within the chaos.

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