Day 185

Wanderlust multimedia artist based in the beautiful Nordic country of Norway. Traversing the world, emotions, humanity and experiences through my Artistic and poetic expressions. I love working in a combination of medias and styles. Currently on my site you can find pieces oil painted, acrylic, inking, pastels, ceramic, digital, photographic as well gold leafing among other things, including various forms of poetry.

ArcticamazonKKF comes from a combination of falling in love in the Arctic circle and climate of Norway. The Fjell and Fjords spoke to my body and my mind and for once in life I felt satiated and fell chilled in love. Amazon because of stature and my strength to survive and persevere and protect. Followed lastly by my initials which is my method for signing my pieces as well. It tends to look like a calligraphic styling Asian in nature, the art of the lines is important and for me depicts my life my journey as an artist and a multicultural being.

All images and artwork and poetry are my own unless otherwise stipulated. I hope you enjoy them, or they resonate with you in some form. That is one of the greatest honors for this artist, reaching someone through artistic expressions. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact for info. To help me continue my journey, materials, studio space etc.

Please share links reference my original source. I appreciate you and your visit to my little neck of the net. I hope to bond with others through a loving embrace of visuals and poetry. We have so many shared experiences and perspectives, sometimes lost in translations, and transformations.

Oil and acrylic titled “Breath” 100cm / 120cm


(Featured Image was dancing with my selves, wanted to share a bit of that learning to appreciate all forms of yourself, because each plays a roll.)




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