I live and work in Norway for the past 16 years plus, I was born in America. I have always been one of the wanderlust individuals you hear about. Never at home and never at rest, that is til I came to Norway and found an unimaginable love for the mountains and valleys and long winters and solitude. I’m a painter, sculptor and I enjoy writing poetry or rants. In the meantime, I’m paying bills by enjoying creative work within a local museum. This work is meaningful as I can use all my talents learned in my schooling in the states, and over the years in practice. In this kind of work, I can be creative and expressive in a way that is beneficial to preserve and promote Norwegian culture. Helping to build and design new exhibits for the museum. Retelling histories of the builders and collectors of the history of the small fishing village I currently live in is freaking amazing. Every day I wake at times in a depressive fog, but I can get thru it when I think of how lucky I am to breath and to do what I do and have a sense of pride in it. I’ve met and continue to meet many great people who travel through this area each with their own stories and reflections of life.

I’m taking baby steps in this new adventure, this challenge from my fiancé to open and share a little of myself in 2018. For now, it feels fine and I hope to learn more as I go. Meeting and learning even more from all the unique people out there. Where I currently live you can at times feel so Isolated and disconnected from all that’s happening in the world. I can literally walk out the front door and you could hear a pin drop. With all sounds absent for a moment, no wind, no birds no life, absolutely nothing. You sometimes feel as though your existence in that moment has ceased, its beautiful. It’s a wonderful home my fiancé and I are helping to restore and try and bring to its former glory again. Keeping it alive and with respect to the history and life, past, present and future. I will share more on that later…

All images and art work and poetry are my own unless otherwise stipulated. I hope you enjoy them or they speak to you in some way. That is one of the greatest honors for this artist. If you wish to share, please link to and reference my origin source.