Day 185

This website project was inspired by my partner (Nochrisis)  to help me gain some control over the chaotic energies that flourish within. I tend to think of this more as a depository of sorts where I attempt to harness these energies. My artistic nature allows me to express this in my works from paintings, illustrations, photographic, sculptural and several other mediums. I continue the project but, I must admit at times the futility and possibly egoistic natures of such sharing strike me as well, undesirable. Because whomever, whatever this being is and how they move through existence is first and foremost an humble observer.

When I receive messages from those that have viewed, read or felt something resonated with them there is a connection made and the fuel for continuing replenished. I as the artist the humble observer, feel once again renewed in my roll as an antenna, exposed nerve if you will, overly sensitive to the realities of everything.

My moniker (ArcticamazonKKF) was born from my many years living and working in the North of Norway above the Arctic Circle. Besides my mothers heart this is one of the only places known on this planet that I have had a feeling of home, a feeling of connection and inspiration. The cold dark winter months served as the most fertile times of my creative expressions, hence the Arctic. Amazon comes from the strength others have noticed within me and the way in which I navigate thru spaces, not in the least my height which is rather tall. Followed lastly by my initials which is my method for signing my pieces as well. It tends to look like a calligraphic styling Asian in nature, the art of the lines is important and for me depicts my life, energies, my journey as an artist and a multicultural being.

All images, artwork and poetry are my own unless otherwise stipulated. I hope you enjoy them, or they resonate with you in some form. That is one of the greatest honors for this artist, reaching someone through artistic expressions. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact for info. To help me continue my journey, materials, studio space etc.

Please share links reference my original source. I appreciate you and your visit to my little neck of the net. I hope to bond with others through a loving embrace of visuals and poetry. We have so many shared experiences and perspectives, sometimes lost in translations, and transformations.


Oil and acrylic titled “Breath” 100cm / 120cm


(Featured Image was dancing with my selves, wanted to share a bit of that learning to appreciate all forms of yourself, because each plays a roll.)




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