Day 348, ~ The Weaver ~

~ The Weaver ~

Threaded hopes and dreams,

Vibrations dancing along,

Intricately wove.


Didn’t get to do so much yesterday but it was a long draining day energy wise, and once I was home I thought time to cocoon and recuperate. Plans changed however and I got to see my friend and later that night she was going to our local crafting house and invited me. I say this because there are many talents that are involved traditions and practices. The image I sketched while sitting there yesterday is this above, I found it beautiful watching the work being created on the looms. I really enjoyed seeing the different angles and thought of projects and photos that could be taken. I enjoyed the thoughts racing through my mind thinking the lines of the beings being woven into the threads as their fingers intertwined with the materials. I was drained socially but in a moment I was able to just rely on remaining quiet, observing, learning, and just living in the moment. So I started doing what brings me joy, creating some lines and seeing their direction.

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