Day 342, Elation

~ Elation ~

Veils falling away

Emotions lifting you up

Falling spectral tears.


Been some time the clouds have been heavy and my body like a concrete sculpture fallen and sinking into the earth. On this day I was headed to the doctors for some blood work my head heavy and thoughts in tow. I had my sensory music on blocking everything out so I could focus on the task at hand. While sitting on the bus I gazed out the windows at the sea scanning its horizon and the clouds in the sky. they were beautiful fluffy and then I saw it. 

This little patch in the sky that was speaking to me and it caught and held my gaze. I blinked several times shifted my views thinking its the window, or maybe I’m having and aneurism or something. But it remained this wispy patch of shifting beauty. I fumbled and took my phone out and just tried to capture it. Once the bus arrived at my stop I was still transfixed and everything else in the world did not exist. 

I got off the bus immediately looking towards the sky’s again to find my cloud and there it was even more optically challenging and vibrant and just sitting there.

I was the only one looking up thinking, I’m not insane but why is it so beautiful why are the colors piercing into my being waking something up. 

Today I was still on my high from the sighting on that day and started sketching something, I think I will try to capture how I felt what was happening inside I don’t know well see. For now I wish all that moment or spark of iridescent joy. I researched some sites wondering what the phenomenon was called here’s one link, Cloud Iridescence (

Today’s poem my feeble attempt to give words to something that needs none. 

Clearing my head next clear my desk.

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