Day 339, Disjointed

~ Disjointed ~

Layers deepening,

Breath hard to catch, and maintain,

Taking our last strength.



I’ve noticed in my time away this constant eating at me this feeling a wave washing over the world. There’s a collective awakening as the energies of the world we share and are apart of make themselves known. People realizing their joys and life are owed to none their time is their own and to be valued. This is a bittersweet joy I see how exhausted people are, so much so they can’t even see the roads in front of them. They stumble forward, many more falls to make, their eyes however are more open than they’ve ever been. Its in these moments I look around and notice something beautiful something that fuels a joy, a smile.

The other day I forced myself into the city after waking abruptly and just doing things sporadically, laundry, dishes, washing up, just appreciating the soap and the bubbles. I dressed and didn’t second guess my choices just left them as is. A top I later realized I disliked but wth it was on me now. I put in my ear buds with some of my favorite music and sounds to drown out to much stimuli, so I could focus and keep moving forward. My goals none really just see where my feet took me and I ended up at some cafes for hours just sketching and observing people. The library looking for random info on multitude of topics. Focus being one of my big issues.

This sketch was a man sitting not far from me on a long bench in one of the cafe’s, he had a nice face I smiled as I thought I love unique faces they just bring me joy and make me want to sketch, photograph or capture them in some way. This man left after finishing his coffee, I continued to sketch from memory and the impression he left in the void where he once was. I sketched from the past.

This other shot is just a basic shot of some of my toys to help me focus sometimes . A min glass with magnetic particulates and some magnetic spheres. sometimes I play with them together and I liked this image because it kind of fit symbolically with everything pulling in different directions. 

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