Day 333, Filtering

~ Filtering ~

Inundated world

Expiring existences

Battles rage onward.


Just a small sketch of the other days trip on the bus, there sat a person in the opposing seat, I liked her bun. But that image did not stay stuck in my head, instead it was a guy I saw at a bus stop later in the day, I’ll finish what I’m working on for him tomorrow I hope. But planning some planting as well and propagating some cacti that are growing like crazy. Today was a good day and I enjoyed sitting at my desk in solitude getting a feel for the new setup after our move. Also get to test my new toy out I forgot what its called but its nice magnification if you want to do some detail work, looking forward to using it more. Maybe I” create some nice things from this place the energy feels good when I sit there so that’s something. Todays poem’s inspiration, with a jumbled mind I thought of the word resilient, and how we are exactly this in the face of our adversities, that is something beautiful. It’s ongoing, the long practice of filtering life.


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