Day 330, Sundancers

~ Sundancers ~

Energized forms, run

Fast unencumbered movements



Dreaded Mondays Or maybe I should title it Manga Mood Mondays! The one day when coffee seems to hit the best for me. Giving that little caffeine boost to jump start the week. Trying to inspire yourself to continue the journey and look forward to new possibilities. This is what it does for me at least that little double cappuccino or latte and I’ve started trying to enjoy them with no sugar, instead opting for the little tablets, but recently nothing at all. I realize from an meeting I had last week with a career guide that they told me something I never thought of. She said in my Cover letters etc, I write with my heart she said she could feel so much from what and how I wrote, BUT you don’t or should protect yourself when contacting jobs etc. So its a pointer I’ll have to remember and work hard on. Over the weekend I started some training again and like usually I go all out, testing the limits of my body and mind. But long walks are so wonderful just long times out in nature in general maybe. Fresh air and the sun playing hide and seek with your skin as it pops in and out from behind the clouds. It was a bit cold yesterday but I put on my training gear and tried not to procrastinate and just do it. About halfway thru my walk/ jog the sun popped out to kiss me and warm my body energizing me again. As in my zealousness I had expended most of my resources with a quick pace and my body generating its over abundance of heat as per the usual. It was nice when the sun said hello , it was right when I was passing a farm full of horses, They were so beautiful and to have them shining in the sunlight was a bit of a magical moment. They inspired this poem.

This series of photos are from my guilty pleasure when I’m at a lose and my anxieties and depressions are crippling me. I recoil into a cocoons of reading, the library and just isolation with a coffee and a moment. I’m on the last book now in this series kind of sad but I read them fast as most do when we enjoy something. Also my Barista did an impressive job as I drank my coffee the foam flourishes he made remained.

Side not I love liabraries even with my allergies the old dust and parchment papaers of some books is an experience. The flaking inks, ruffling pages, sun beams piercing the air dust particles dancing in the light. It’s definitly a mood.

The series is:

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