Day 327, Sentient

~ Sentient ~

She wore the mask well,

Shattering societies,

Somberly Shielded.


Today I worked on this over a couple days , it was inspired by my sisters last comment on my other version of this image, the black and white. She said to remove the mask and the clouds will lift. I was not inspired so I thought why not. The poem I think is just an amalgamation of so much we still live in, from more shootings, children taken too soon, more political posturing and dancing around topics deflecting and detracting from the issues that truly must be addressed. Countries around the globe passing laws that discriminating against others. Laws being voted upon further harming the equal treatments of all in its societies, Marginalized segments of societies. More and more of the populations realizing these systems designed to mask, manipulate and keep people disenfranchised and oblivious to their exploitation. Diminishing the potential of their societies by following the same status quo that benefits a few. A few that with their egos their unable to comprehend or they understand it all to well that it does not benefit all. But lets do it anyway because for now I can get mine mentalities. The poem also focuses on I think, those playing the parts and the systems they live within still failing them and not seeing them, time and again.

It’s tiring it’s infuriating and draining in so many ways. I fear even though so many things are getting better the actual community reset we all need will not happen for some time and this brings great despair as we watch more corruption taking hold. We say it will take something huge to bring people back together. but as we have observed in 2020 and currently in 2021 this is far from the truth. If anything some unite but many more still seek to divide and exploit these situations for personal gains. Using the same rhetoric they have since the start to divide and conquer and exploit people.

I was sitting outside the other day with my neighbors we all live in the same house and I almost cried watching my neighbor pull large bags of clothing outside to let her sister in law sort through them. Clothing and shoes for the little ones and my mind raced and I felt joy, and then immense sadness because this was a moment in which I reflected upon native communities and communities around the world that function as a whole a family that sees and helps each other. It reminded me of the saying ” It takes a village to raise a child.” It reminded me that while listening to the dialogues surrounding me I enjoyed this wash, reuse, repair, re-gift. A sustainable way of doing things for the benefit of many. I thought of how marketing and this constant BUY, mentality really is destructive. Raising people to be nothing more than consumers. Taking people away from the Earth beneath their feet that is and has been sustaining them.

I thought to myself as my headset fell to the floor again. I don’t have the best clothing but I have some, I have shoes that function, there’s a roof above my head. I picked up my headset looking at it again, it is and has fallen apart, currently taped up on both sides to hold it together. It has broken in two prominent places where the molded plastic has failed. The sound however is still there so why would I throw them away? They were a gift and even looking at them now I dislike them, or should I say how they were made. The manufacturing of these were not to last, the plastic parts of the design disintegrate. The fact that studies are conducted to make products that are not to good so people continue to need them is a problem. They are just a pebble in the ocean of this consumption mentality. We have it in the more western societies, to many refuse to value anything that is not branded or what they consider to be top of the line and a status symbol. This applies to their fellow humans as well. What is not sustainable is the current trajectory of the human species and its complete disregard for everything including itself.

But for now I’ll go back to my happy place, before I give up completely. I have successfully propagated 15 cacti from my huge plant. And soon I will build another greenhouse for my neighbor and myself using left over materials found around the farm and some windows she got from a demolition project in the neighboring town. I miss my other green house we built but for now I have thoughts that someone else now finds joy sitting there and cultivating life. Side note if you have cute shot glasses but you don’t drink so much then they make great substitute propagating stations lol. From death comes life!

Be Safe

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