Day 325, Growth

~ Growth ~

Reaching new depths

Limbs seeking new nourishment

Grasping, recoiling.


Today just thought of the seasons and scents of new life, and while I thought snow began to blanket the outsides again as if to say sleep a little longer. I thought of the new seeds sewn and some sprouting. The seeds of life of new hope and the seeds stunted. I thought of the world and everything taking place now fellow beings around on every continent the world are screaming out trying to take root. Trying to live and they are thwarted with the twisted ideals of others that would seek to control their growth their life their potential.

I thought of people fighting armed with their watering cans, garden shears, and their sunlit rays of energetic hope piercing time and again never letting hate and the rot of some to infect the entire garden of life. Those uniting us all and fighting for the betterment of all humankind. With this thought the heart beat stronger the breath taken, deeper. The entanglement of life combining the pungent sweetness with the prickliness of its thorns.

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