Day 323, Moo-ving Moods

~ Moo-ving Moods ~

Shifting perspectives,

As time flows by, like a breeze,

Tussling us along.


More heavy days but I used the technique of trying not to allow my mind to deep dive as it does into the abyss. I engaged the 2 min rule for activities and just started.

2 min to dig myself out of the cocoon of sleep

2 min to navigate the ice cold tundra of floor before me

2min to try and make myself look human,

2 min to take care of teeth, washing face, moisturizing,

2 min to give a frack about my pores and the skin I inhabit so it can have its best day,

2 min to decide tea or coffee and which is best in this moment.

2 min what to wear

2 min not to care

2 min to grab whatever is in view

2 min to decided what next to do

2 min to grab some shoes

2 min grab bag with camera and sketch pads etc

2 min zoned out

2 min crying

2 min to snap back

2 min thought of did I eat something

2 min make some bread grab a mango

2 min yelling internally at myself quit stalling and gtfo the door

2 min basking in the sunlight at the window

2 min inhaling the breeze as I opened the door

2 min of shear joy and contentment at life

2 min walking around the property

I found the cows and sat down on a slab of rock near their area. I watched them playfully run hoping around. Took out my camera and tripod and just let the moments happen and hoped I could be a part of something beautiful. I loved the expression I captured on this image, its like their day started as mine has with this bewildered look of WTF is the meaning of all of this?

For now I will continue to be plagued pondering these things but for now the 2 min served its purpose, once you start some activities you will quickly use more than 2 min, you will enjoy them and start to spark something within. Even now:

2 min to sit and write,

2 min to edit photos

2 min to post

2 min to

2 min


2 be here.

Today’s poem is how I think of these moods as I move alone I’m that leaf fluttering uncontrollably within the grasp of the breeze. My mind racing frantically, at times chaotic, or synchronized in a blissful embrace of emotion.

Greetings from my moo-ving Muse of the day, These happy hefers live on a potato farm where we currently have an apartment. They pretty much run around free near the mountains looking like they have fun.

I remember where I used to live the farmer who lived nearby had some cows and every time I’d go out for a walk they’d notice me and walk as long as they could with me on the other side of the fence. Jumping and not realizing they were making me cry inside thinking how beautiful they were and how the joy I felt in that moment of connection would uplift my days.

Hope everyone enjoy’s some 2 min moment of moo-ving into their Friday today.

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