Day 322, Scented

~ Scented ~

Awakened senses,

Sorrowed & slumbered, reborn



Time and time again falling and forgetting how to rise again. Given time however we do, we stand tall and face the world. So many battles fought and so many lost and sometimes won. The field of battle always scorched, always scarred. We reap the suffering soils, eventually gifted with new life. From the despair, I smelled the sweet scent of life of floral notes mingled with the bouquet of life. I thought only of I’m, still here as I drew a breath deeply and sighed. Now what?

I took up my camera misted some flowers and began climbing back up again. Began finding myself again, reborn.

I’m awake, how are you? What do you wish? My wish at this very moment would be to visit Japan and smell the cherry blossoms, sit under a tree feel the air and sun on my flesh and sketch.

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