Day 321, Aftermaths

~ Aftermaths ~

Discarded concerns.

Yet earth suffocates again.

When she dies, all do.


“I want what I want, and I want it now.” Is this really the rallying cry heard throughout the world? Only drowned out when something finally equalizes and silences the separate egos of the masses. It destroys those on top of pillars as well as those below. From the ashes should come a joint realization a unified humanity yet time and time again this is overshadowed by those that would exploit, those that will corrupt, and those that will lie, cheat, and steal, to attain what they themselves for themselves deem worthy.

The ground was screaming out in rage as my feet touched down upon its surface. She would wash away the debris of humans in vain as layers beneath her flesh reminded her riddled with plastic. Plastic that would promise hundreds of years of suffering for that one humans moment of brief convenient pleasure. People moving about discarding their waste without a care in the world as they march on to buy and consume more. Nothing is done to truly better man, so much is done to get the next grant, put more money into the pocket’s of the few. As humans look to the past and idolize that which should not be revered, but used as a warning. Politicians egotistically seeing themselves as the great thinkers and minds of today feudal lords if you will, while exploiting the faulty laws and practices in place to fuel their own greedy and corrupt desires. Those nearest would maintain these systems as maybe one day they to can reap the rewards. While those that can actually work the land and respect it, are exploited into oblivion hoping for a mere dusting of a better life, in systems rigged against them. Their data their lives monetized garnishing wealth for those that look down upon them, feeding the serfs, the people with empty words and promise’s that benefit them in the least way possible if at all. Until one day the fuel cells that they are are depleted and replaced. Their truest potentials never having a chance to be unlocked.

This is breaking all, and as the large clock of destruction looms overhead and within our view, people willfully look away, distracted. Ignoring the other species ignoring the vibrations of the energies around them, and instead navigating towards their own destruction. Cyclical patterns continue as people who are not prepared create new beings , beings they will exploit and abuse, beings they will not prepare for the coming worlds. Other beings who have suffered those lifetimes now adult perpetrating the same time and again. The wounds of all ripping deeper and wider festering, infecting, so much so the modicum of healing taking place will never be enough.

This is love, and this is heartbreaking.

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