Day 319, Disconnected Moments

~ Disconnected Moments ~

The balance was struck

Moments of magical bliss

Dispelling the hate.


It is the weekend now and my mind and heart are focused on the world and the healing it undergoes while so much destruction is still afoot. I’ve found time to sketch the past couple days so a couple things in the works, and some that will not develop further maybe. So many things wanting to be said and expressed but maybe its not the time. Maybe that’s why when sketching this piece the expression is one of serene yet skeptical bewilderment. The poem just an expression of this and what the magic of the world helps with it helps to lighten those moments of extreme weight. the other day I had to set on my mask and board a buss towards the city, for some errands and to meet my partner later. While waiting outside at the stop the cold was extremely sharp and you could feel your extremities stiffing and solidifying with the ground beneath your feet. But at the same time this was happening and the discomfort in my mitten covered fingers was shocking my system. I looked up and saw the sun behind a blanket of soft clouds diffusing its radiance. That glow caused me to throw my head back and breath the deepest, chilled breath I could, taking the atmosphere inside me. Letting that cold permeate and invigorate all the cells within. All the time feeling the calm of the wind dying around me and a vacuum of space and time enveloping me cocooning around me in the warm glow of the sun. silencing all the disturbing thoughts for a moment a magical moment.

These are the spores I send out now, to grow and seed in those that would breath deeply. A moment for everyone in which they feel that magic and calm within the chaos of our lives.

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