Day 318, Bruised

~ Bruised ~

Wearing his scars proud,

Standing erect, and adorned,

Facing a new day.


Todays post was a moment a quick snap of this lonely looking mannequin who seems to have seen much better days. His skull damaged and his face marked beyond what it once was. Yet serving his purpose until the moment he cannot. When I walked past I past without a second glance, but then I turned and went back wondering why it was so damaged, was it people passing bye releasing pent up destructive energy to smack him or punch this lone mannequin bothering know one. Or maybe it was employees tired of setting him outside time and again. Maybe they’re tired of this job but they don’t have the urge to leave it because they know in times as they are now for many there are thousands who would immediately apply. So this mannequin possibly serves more purposes than he was ever intended. He reminded me of a film from the past called “Mannequin 1987” I became curious thinking of what if this mannequin came to life what would it say or do, would it just scream in terror at all it has been subjected to?

This is only a mannequin, this is an object that is not alive and for all purposes never will express what those among us can express now. Yet in our own ways we stand, we pose we adorn ourselves in vain covering our wounds, feigning strength, beauty, stability, protecting ourselves and those close to us. Once we are alone we allow the armor to fall and the pretenses to fade. We see ourselves fully and we weep.

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