Day 316, Snuggled

~ Snuggled ~

My eyes opened up

Dusky light swooned me to sleep

Blanketed in snow.


A beautiful light permeated my view as I woke, feeling a bit positive feeling a bit withdrawn and disconnected and safe in a cocoon of comforters. The eggshell white curtains closed and calm the light shining thru dim as the snow outdoors decided no sun for you! It fit with the mood of depression creeping its way in, its little fingers crawling from the foot of the bed, a chill surging over my flesh as I curled even tighter into a ball. The blackness fell and after 8 hours slumber , I fell yet again into 6 more hours. Heavy moods weighing down any intentions I had. Dreams vivid and landscapes of life and creatures unknown manifested before my eyes. My feet touched the surfaces and danced across many galaxies and spaces. Once I finally managed to throw myself out of bed the icy floor shocking me into reality I knew I had to drink water, I had to wash up I had to find the strength I know I have and have found time again before. I protected myself selfishly from all happening in the world and for that moment focused only on not giving up. But fighting for existence and for those that cannot currently and those that can’t anymore. This is the siren call many of us must adhere and listen to, so were able to face the new day. To function and do our parts in making the world better for this shared existence. The days poem and photo inspired by the snow and how it held on covering and concealing the window to the world.

This photo is just a quick shot from our car trip to pick up some rations. I fell in love and immediately giggled as the clouds almost looked like a botched photoshopping job. It was however not it was just that beautiful random magical moment of nature. I did not have my camera in my lap as I’m sometimes prone to do, so I grabbed my mobil phone and just tried to snap something anything. Hate the result but the clouds are still visible.

This last image is my little knucklehead who seems to reflect very well how animals are in tune with us. During my bouts of depression this little chocolate black kitty likes to follow me nonstop, talking to me in heart melting little meows each one chipping away at the melancholy shell surrounding me. She never fails as she is quite persistent on cuddling and laying on my lap every chance she can get.

Sitting in her favorite place at my desk, I’m scared to calculate exactly how many hours my body has logged at my desk. >>

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