Day 315, Shapeshifters

~ Shapeshifters ~

Pieces of you die

Everyday & moment

Never the same life.


I wasn’t the same person as I was yesterday, that clone now dead and buried, the next one immediately taking its place an infinite number of times. Trying to mirror and recapture something from before, something that was maybe good or just desired again. Always failing yet always trying in vain. Knowing full well it will never happen at least not in the ways known to us. Searching for that reflection of what was once there, a solid state of being now a thought. Evaporating before our eyes, which have also died viewing the world through a thin veil of corrupted consciousness.

The thought rambling through my mind, when I had to shapeshift this fashion mannequin into this new form. I feel like he was, it was given a whole new voice. And yes some bushy eyebrows that I altered later, But the rough look was working for him.


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