Day 313, Marked

~ Marked ~

Fighting to exist

Passing but still meaningful

Teaching and warning.


A day of reflecting on everything and the effects it has had on the current mapping of the future. Something most are in the thralls of. Our joined histories and futures intertwined. Figuring it all out and what it is and what it means and what if anything are the hoped for results.

I was trying to organize tons and tons of my images that I’m still not completely sure I even know what I desire. For me in some ways their markings of my memories, feelings, and exploits. Things I wish to remember, moments captured and framed.

This current set reminds me of the start of the project, and afterwards the long walks through the woods sourcing deceased animal bones that I could then repurpose for the exhibit.

Sometimes kind of icky as it were if some still had some remnants of flesh, but nothing some solutions and baths couldn’t rectify. Armed with the bones and some skins I started my treatments and forming of the new life they shall have educating and informing museum guest of another lifetime. Something that seems to provide me some joy. the thought of what guest will see and experience. What I can say I love is that no two days are ever alike. Always something new a new challenging, a new way to look at something and new challenges to solve. At the end of this project I always laughed thinking ok yeah this looks like something sinister has been afoot. I miss this as now the days are filled with new plans and failures and possibilities. Time to look and really appreciate that fork in the road. And the choices to fall into , or to be made, or even pondered a little longer as we adapt & evolve.

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