Day 310, Festering

~ Festering ~

Cheap stitching decayed,

Gushing wounds overflowing,

Stench, awakens us.


I wrote so much today, but I do not wish to publish too much or overwhelm so I have only taken a couple snippets from my thoughts and ramblings, along with this painting I made years ago. I feel it sums up the days events from yesterday January 6th 2021 in the U.S. capitol. Something I think most people who have followed the events of the past couple years new eventually would happen. The stoking of division in the people of America and the culmination of the melting pot boiling over. I remembered when this nr 45 had said:

“I could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t loose any voters ok, it’s like incredible” Trump.

This was not good, and spoke volumes.

When the new years rolled around I did not celebrate too much as I knew the pains of the collective world and it was hard to celebrate. I knew 2020 was the year to open eyes, the pandemic forced humans to try and work together. Yet even then we still found ways and even now to divide. Now in 2021 the stinging beams of light illuminating all that is affecting our world and us, pierces our collective eyes as they are pried open even further. 

This painting ‘Americant’ I created years ago, during another emotional upheaval thinking of my land and its people. I think it was fitting to use it again after 06/01/2021, we have not healed yet the wound is still open and its festering. The beauty around the wound can only mask the pains for so long, when it reopens it causes pain for us all. My haiku poem was my reaction, my first thought if you will. Now more than ever because we don’t have to wait for a telegram or delivery by courier. We immediately see, digest and feel events as they are posted on face book, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram etc. Almost instantaneously we are exposed and overwhelmed with the joys and likewise the sufferings of the world. 

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