Day 307, Seeds

~ Seeds ~

Delicately placed,

Some smashed into their spaces

Growth questionable.


The end of 2020 or as I like to call it the year of perfect vision the year eyes were opened to harsh realities and realizations. A year of many seeds being planted and others exposed, nourished, and elevated and some forgotten already. There has been so much to reflect on and yet also a feeling of despair as the reflections are remnants from the past, the world over repeated and regurgitated again and again. No lessons learned at least not the ones we hope for as a species. Instead a kind of stagnation is taking place and the seeds of humanity are in a sense drying out. How many times must the same walls be smashed into? Before a new way of thinking arises. I felt the palpable feeling of joy and sorrow the world over.

With so many events taking place around the world its daunting to say the least. I will focus on a recent even here in Norway that touches my soul and maybe was the catalyst for today. In a village called Gjerdrum there was a land shifting avalanche that caused the loss of some lives and homes and the worlds of these people turned upside down. They are currently still searching trying to find those whom were lost. The fist thing I felt reading this event and seeing footage was a sharp and strong pain as the tears fell and the fireworks would start to scream and explode above. This mixture of how can the smile and joy be genuine when so many are suffering. This event and those it has touched, not so long after their celebrations of joy with close family while quarantining as well to stay safe.

What seeds are being sewn in this time? What seeds have our leaders sewn with hate and vitriolic text and speeches? What if anything will happen to the world when one of its main species continues to be indifferent to its care and other life forms? The first thing I would fear is the seed of devastation as 2021 will start to sprout and show humanity what it has become, where it shall end up, and what must be accepted and can no longer be changed.

As more beautiful species of plants and animals become extinct because of man, as more and more resources are stripped from the body of the planet so a few men can attain great man made wealth. What happens when the earth has truly had enough of the age of man and his ego, it’s cries falling on deadened ears? What great shift will take place at this time before people realize they needed each other, that they cannot live off and consume their man made paper currencies, and coveted materials stripped from the earth. There are seeds of hope of course, young adults wanting to work together to unite against governments that have stoked the fires of division amongst its citizens of all shades and genders and belief’s. They’re ability’s to see these faults and wish to repair them.

I don’t know I wish to share so much more but I’m tired and the protective energies I spread over myself and the ones I know and even the ones I don’t is faltering, that strength I could rely on is no longer there I will still give, I will still smile to brighten a strangers day and listen to random souls that need to unburden themselves to a another. I don’t mind, It would be the best way to go dissipating into nothingness absorbed to fuel and provide strength to another.

This vessel I inhabit also has connections that I should not ignore, other beings who have grown to love it and wish for its joy and success. I still am not quite sure what that even is. I know I like to see them happy , safe, and content with their lives. As I observe from afar, I love to see them survive their trials and tribulations, their loves, their bonds, their growth. Each and every one is a seed of sorts, flourishing in its own unique environments and nourishments. I will continue this thought with the next post where this seed comparison came from and why I seem to be so inspired by it.

Todays haiku is just an observation for the coming year, and how the weathers that have stirred, will affect the seeds planted in 2020.

For now this seed must slumber, I have yet to rise from hibernation.

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