Day 306, Sedimentary

~ Sedimentary ~

Several layers

Compacted and compressing

Forgotten in time.


Time has slipped by me as I fell into the abyss, fracturing. In this void I recuperated and reflected on everything I could. Driving myself mad and insane with rambunctious, ramblings, and reflective meanderings of politics, the world its people, the pandemic, the construct of race, and the role its played in human history. The constant game of dividing and conquering your own species because of traits, languages, and gender and the like. Which would have you view them as different, less than, and therefore undeserving of rewards and platitudes you yourself believe to be real. The world that this species inhabits with so many others is but one Petri dish in the vast expanse of universe’s. I am aware to that this last statement could denote that their is someone or something controlling the elements of this Petri dish. That does nothing more than to fascinate me, because it could however just be another experiment long forgotten and slowly decaying on the shelf marked universe number (of your choosing). I dream of a world where greed and cash are not coveted, because when the end of days does take place I would rather have those who have the skills to survive by my side. Those craftspeople of wood, stone, botanicals, creatives and philosophers, caretakers, foragers. Those who know how to navigate the world, build a shelters, purification of water, and filtering the air. I would rather have people of skill, and creativity, science, to help see the potential in the new future if there were to be one. Yet as it stands I see people aspiring to and coveting things that will not help them t all. Not unless you can take your designer handbag and fashion it into a weapon of sorts for protection and possible gathering utilities. I think its one of the reasons I love films of apocalypse’s and of human response in those situations. Because more often than not the message is you have to come together you have to stand for each other or you can fall to anything.

Time feels weird, it feels a bit frozen as we observe what takes place now what is justified and what never is, what people are willing to look past and accept, and do to each other, along with other species advertently or inadvertently, but done all the same. We gloat about progress and ingenuity but still covet goods where the senseless slaughtering of other life has to take place, the slaughtering without care or compassion or any type of humanity. Well because that would be to expensive and we must cut cost so someone can have yet another house, car, luxury fur to wear to a photoshoot in sunny California with a bikini. You can’t say this however because some are still aspiring to this even now, just peruse Tiktok and you see it in full disconcerting display. What’s trending , luxury the same beauty standards forced upon individuals all across the world, choices to show this body type is better than that, people stealing others content to go viral, and their sounds.

As they say: GOTTA get those likes and interactions, have to be famous and the best I’ll apologize later when I’m exposed type of mentalities. Apology videos always do well , people love when your vulnerable, I can parlay that into a new deal with some type of self realization and help app and maybe make a profit from that to…People will talk about me they’ll know my name for the best lip gloss and makeup palette, etc it goes on and on and on.

The information that tends to go viral is that of otiose content such as: whos sleeping with who, look at me shake my ass, this is what I’m wearing, get this bag, not the things so much that are eye opening and educational and based upon skills like teaching you how to cook a dish, recognize an ability of another and how to interact with that segment of society while being respectful. Like with most things in life though you will have the good with the bad. I wonder when the bad has been repeated so often in society from the past histories, to the present is there every really a time when it will nullify so we can move on from it? Actually learn and do better?

It scares me because I observe the gentle souls on the sidelines who only wish to create and live a purposeful life, It scares me as it is normal in societies to be bombarded with all kinds of commercials and ads saying buy this , play that, you need this, you must have this your friend does. I purposefully am ignorant to much because while driving I look away from billboards, my phone I do not allow ads, my computer also aggressively keeps these things from my view. I will make the choice, I will do the research, and I will make the decision and find what I need. I knew this about myself in the younger years as well, I hated what money does to people I disliked a job I tried once where it was in sales and every time I had to contact someone, I felt guilty, I felt invasive, and I hate that I was a complacent cog in the system trying to get them to answer long surveys, and also eventually your trying to sell something. I felt disconnected because I was pushing something they didn’t need and could live without.

Today’s rambling and poem are inspired by so much chaos it will never be compacted into a nice neat layer. Samples will be removed time and again, the results the same until they are non existent in the forms we knowingly identify them. They will disperse, seeding and growing anew.

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