Day 304, Envelopment

~ Envelopment ~

Outer world repelled

Womb of choice, ensconced within

Safe within the self.


Today from our new home we decided to hop on a bus and see where it would lead us as we started navigating without a car. A plus you dont have to pay for insane parking within the city limits. You do however have to make sure to learn what stops are most important and which ones you don’t want to miss. Armed with masks in tow we began our journey. While on the bus I looked around and settled on a thin frail man in a seat a couple rows back from me. He was very thin but his face I liked, and the shape of his head, the wispy hairs dancing along his scalp in the breeze of the busses ventilation, and lets not forget the lines etched into his flesh of life lived.

I took my small red sketch book from my bag and started to sketch him down and while doing so imagine what he was listening to and what journey he was on. This is the poem I thought of to summarize my impression of him, as I gazed through my own blurry veil of hair, reflecting in the sunlight scuing my vision and distorting the world.

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