Day 303, Haze

~ Haze ~

Transfixed, observing

The entities before us

Obscuring visions.


Days of feeling dazed and I want to say confused but I mean overwhelmed. As I assume many are. Today my bubble was small as it has been for several days now. Just finding solace in family, friends and just taking care of small things around the house. Today was organizing and found some nibs I have from my writing hobby. Which I might ad feels like its going to heck. Because were so digital and swipe everything, it’s like that skill set penmanship, is falling to the wayside. I have a little designated desk so I hope to engage my calligraphy again maybe even send out some sealed letters on parchment paper. After repairing and placing some new nibs on my quills I checked to see if my ink was ok and just started doodling.

So as the poem shows I was in a haze and just letting the quill scratch the paper and the ink flow. It was therapeutic and I highly recommend it, just grab a pencil and start, scratching the surface and see what you unearth.

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