Day 299, Cross ways

Day 299 (4 of 5).jpg

~ Cross ways ~

Those we know and do not.

we cross and dance along invisible lines

weaving webs of complexity and confusion in our wakes.

Others will follow in our footsteps

Some will rise,









creating new complex paths.

These will entangle and bind,

confuse and cage,

consume and carry,

the next load

Until nothing remains.


Day 299 (5 of 5).jpg

Last few weeks I’ve been brain dead after work in exhaustion. I’ve been learning and trying new skills some will become useful in ways others will not. I do appreciate the journey though. This photo was from a parking garage in Trondheim. We parked the car to continue on the days journey and while leaving I looked up and observed the ceiling and my mind wandered for a second, creating fragments of the poem above. I liked the structure and the peek behind the veil of the building, and thought of the veils of man. How we shroud our structures in so much until we ourselves question our own worth and that of others. Forgetting the primal building blocks we all share and which unite us whether we want them to or not. There’s a reason so many around the world and so many belief hold fast to the idea “Together we are strong”. But we fragment ourselves so much we loose this strength and chip away at our collective future.

The mini boomerang shots are learning to weld, and also finishing some metal pieces, the childlike wonderment within me loved the sparks, and smells, the hard metals and the heat from the energy being excited to blinding levels of dance. The other shot is from doing some gardening while being borderline paranoid of small biting insects. It was so warm this day but I couldn’t allow them to taste the scented blood permeating through the flesh of this body enticing them. I mean I’m not mean there’s like 100’s of sheep nearby that seem to not care. So I covered my face and once all the shrubbery was formed and clipped I would find respite in turning the leaf blower in my direction and giggling like a child as the wind cooled me down. And also a plus blowing any little buzzing bugs away from me. It’s unfortunate but I’ve learned long ago I’m one of the blood bags that seem to attract biting insects with my nectar of sweet smelling blood.


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