Day 298, Blues

Day 298 (4 of 5).jpg

~ Blues ~

Languishing days gone

The looming scent bitter sweet

Growth comes at a cost.


This past Sunday I was able to take a moment and hop in the car, a brief tour to the beach with picnic basket, portable easel, and an umbrella for some shade. Day 298 (1 of 5)I figured just go to the beach, turn off the computer, get some fresh air, and step outside. Just breath and then let the road go where it will. Although in a seaside village that’s usually not to many new roads to explore.

Yet I’m still optimistic every time I make the journey. I knew at least I should have my tools with me in case a moment strikes. This poem sums up my mood this warm Sunday alone on a small beach, listening to my new favorite mind calming music, Japanese Lo-Fi chill beats. It’s funny I happened upon them by accident but they are nice for study, relaxing or just something in the background while you focus.

Day 298 (3 of 5)

I might have to expand on my new hobbies of mini films and trying to edit etc. Just made this quick one, it was so silent that day and the walk felt so long, carrying what I assumed are essentials just in case.

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