Day 297, Ascension

Day 297 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Ascension ~

One step up, five back

Falling briefly now and then

Rise and climb again.


I don’t know been lost and also at the same time focusing and observing, remaining silent.

The past couple weeks have been eventful from big life changes to funerals and to learning new things. I took this photo on a recent small trip to a neighboring city. They were just steps probably in need of a good cleaning, scraping, maybe and new layer of paint etc. They were beautiful in that brief moment as I approached them and looked up, the light hitting a certain way and I froze in a moment and just appreciated everything they meant and symbolized. I thought for a moment must I always have a mind that delves deep into everything looking searching inquisitive to a fault at times even. I answered myself yes, it is draining but it also makes everything so eventful so light and dreamy or heavy and consuming. It’s still an experience its still something for that moment I am apart of. A journey a path of perceived but unknown destinations and possibilities. A dance of constantly falling, injuring oneself and getting back up with new resolve to yet again take a step. I don’t know what waits at the top and that’s part of the attraction.

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