Day 294, Chlorophyll

Day 294 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Chlorophyll ~

Perceived wrongfully

Absorbing and reflecting

Hateful eyes blinded.


Today is so overwhelmingly beautiful looking out the window. The sun is blazing and the life around is reflecting bright shades of green as far as the eyes can see. My mind is calm and observant thinking of life all over this planet and the energies they are absorbing and reflecting. Decided to pull out my sketch form the other day and give her some color, as Chlorophyll was the first thing I thought of when I look outdoors it just fit. Now I will venture out to spread my leafy appendages flailing them in the breeze taking in the sun.

All my leafy loves out there in the world even in these trying times remember to take a moment and some sun for yourself, mentally and physically nourishing. After all without those small moments of self care we decay into nothingness. Soak up the sun and radiate! If your like me however a little allergic, sensitive then we have to soak only what we can before retreating back to our crypts lol. Protect yourselves and others like a great tree.


Day 294 (1 of 1).jpg

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