Day 293, Perseverance

Day 293 (4 of 4).jpg

~ Perseverance ~

Embers smoldering

Spent hearts, beat relentlessly

Still Lighting the way.


Its what we do, it’s who we are time and again we must rise and find our way find the meaning of it all if there’s any meaning to be had. We search for a place when it is so often taken and removed over and over again. Yet like the soil itself we provide the foundation for new life. Fueled by an inner glow, shining when the world would turn out the lights. In that darkness, underestimated and forgotten and passed over.

It’s been a rough go of it for some time now. I don’t have the words to describe everything I don’t have the oratory skills to give voice to that pain either. As my sorrow washes away any semblance of cohesion. I just try in my own feeble attempts to share this energies fire, glow, spark. That’s where I find joy in possibly reaching another and a connection. But to many times it feels pointless, bombarded daily with intense questions of this existence. This week started with a new job, after some time lost in the wind. I have accepted a temporary assignment restoring windows to some of the historical properties nearby. The work is not easy especially since its somewhat but not completely in my wheelhouse. But the distraction and learning something new makes it fun but even then still questions of it all. A small feeling of goodness as I know these windows will serve their purpose another 100 plus years. The other feeling is one of despair its a temporary assignment. Like most things it will come to an end and then it will be time to grow again in a new direction. One that still remains unknown, yet I step towards it fueled by something greater. Tears falling, incapacitating pains radiating throughout my entire being, as embers are stomped out in misguided anger around the world.

The collective sighs of exhaustion fuels the next wave.

The two images I’ll include are one of the window once the glass has been carefully removed. In the other media you can observe part of the framework has been repaired.

One thing I thought of as I continue the work is wondering how many more eyes shall look through these windows and what kind of world will they see.

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