Day 287, Charmed


~ Charmed ~

Falling into you

Fears and enchantments, delight

Distracted, guards down.


Sat down and started sketching the only thought I had was eyes, I love eyes, I love peering into them, especially when a connection is made. Something happens, many things happen as we peer into another being across from us. Dissecting, observing, and consuming, all we can. I kinda liked this guys before I even gave them color once I started sketching, something was there. Day 287 (2 of 4)Even if it was only that the arc was blank before I placed him on it, I felt like those eyes were there already staring back at me. Maybe I had an emotional upheaval, meh who am I kidding I have them so often. I think he represents one of my many facets I’m trying to understand or give life to. I can’t really say, it’s late and I should be in bed sleeping. I will try soon but he called to me so I had to give him form.

This is random but at one point while trying to get ready for the day and look human I wanted to capture my mood as I sat in front of the vanity we made for me. Day 287 (1 of 4)

Why I don’t know I just always wanted a little spot to do all that stuff when you need to get ready. Maybe it was some memory like I always try to recreate. I remember my mother and how sometimes I would catch her in front of her little spot she always seemed so calm and relaxed and just in her moment, no distractions. It’s funny it does have that effect on me as well, when I sit down in front of it and remove the babushka from my head, letting my hair spring free, wash the sleep from my eyes I start to see me, I have to wake up, and look into my own eyes knowing that before I’m able to truly see others eyes truly, I have to see and understand my own. That is a journey I’m still on as sometimes I loose myself, circling around the darkness falling deeper loosing my way. The tears flow washing away a minuscule layer of pain, I dry my eyes and start to paint the days mask, so my invisibility has a face. That was this day, many hours ago, but now it is a new day 0400 hours now or 4am.

I should sleep, and in my slumber my mind will wander aimlessly through the darkness conjuring all sorts of flights of fancy.

Day 287 (4 of 4)

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