Day 285, A Moment

Day 285 (1 of 2)

~ A Moment ~

Beautiful and brief,

A limitless point in time,

Ends, before it’s found.


Day 285 (2 of 2)This is what today’s little piece inspired me to write. I tend to just sketch , doodling and letting my mind go if I can. Once I’m at a point where I feel like ending or some other life event beckons, I stop and stare. Lost in a moment, gazing at whatever I’ve done wondering what does it say? Sometimes nothing and other times I hope everything. I don’t know because that is as they say subjective to the one viewing. Today I felt as though he wishes to have a moment and as you look into his eyes you wonder what are the thoughts the feelings whats going on in there and can I decipher it? I have this often with people I meet, I peer into their eyes into their being and immediately start layering filters from which to analyze the words, the expressions and the emotions emanating from them as we interact. I peer into the depths looking for them and yet selfishly looking for myself as well. Looking for some connection to be made or missed. Because as with much in life so much has to line up exactly before we even see each other at times. We can become lost behind a pedantic veil, skewing our view, so many details to consume we search, loosing our selves in the process.

Day 285 (1 of 2)

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