Day 283, Distorted View


~ Distorted View ~

Looking past whats seen,

Shrouded, elusive, and skewed

His chaos dances.


Day 283 (3 of 3)

In the thick of it, lost reaching in all directions, only nothing reaches back. Lingering your left to dance, move and expand, or contract, consume, or repel, all outside of your vessel. Beg, plead, and bargain, with entities unknown for some semblance of sanity, some connection to something more. Voiceless and without form, yet tempt from your eyes tears it does, as though the wells of your sadness would never run dry. That feeling of empty lonesomeness you cant escape or even welcome. Peering further into the chasm of existence and drowning, no breath to be had, no respite, from feelings of despair, and the mask as it shatters from your face distorting your view of everything.

Day 283 (2 of 3)
Working out where I want this to go but feeling distorted.

Expressing loneliness just might bring another, some semblance of joy. It’s funny I should not feel this since it seems all the bricks are in place to protect against it, yet it’s debilitating effects permeate every molecule of energy. I struggle finding it to be both, a friend and a foe.


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