Day 282, Searching the Depths

Day 282 (2 of 2).jpg

~ Searching the Depths ~

Peering through its depths

Struggling to sense something more

Egos purpose starved.



Day 282 (1 of 2)

Smell of oils and turpentine, strike the senses along with salt water from the sea wafting through the open window. Soap and water, Pallet cleaned and ready, brushes dipped and stroked and paint applied. My canvas screams with joy as his depressive undisciplined lover finally touches him. Finally acknowledges his existence glancing his way. Waking him up smoothly caressing his surface stimulating something to life. She, that is I finally get down and dirty and dive in head first. My hands feverish with excitement and a tad flustered, but each stroke applied with confidence. He starts to stir and wake and respond as vibrant colors fill his veins.

Today it begins not sure where it will end up but I suppose I have a clue or two. My poem for today is inspired by peering into the cold depths of the sea as so many have before, waiting for it to peer back. The thought that we are worthy of its secrets it wonders, and our egos in finding our place in it all. Sometimes that enlightenment doesn’t happen until you are starved and denied all that you thought you knew. Your comforts stripped away, naked and raw we finally see what we should have all along.

Day 282 (1 of 2)

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