Day 280, Grounded

Day 280 (1 of 7)

~ Grounded ~

Locked within, solitude

Depths uncharted, now explored

Tormented journey’s.


Thankful I’m able to observe flashes of light now and then to illuminate what should truly be cherished in times of uncertainty. May not always locate them but they are there and they are beacons of sanity when it seems our other selves would consume us whole. I never realized til this very moment I’m lost, always have been, wandering thru the darkness shining now and then to be consumed.

Past weeks I’ve tried to focus on small joys, its that time of year I planted a little earlier and it seems the seedlings are happy and already after a week and a half, some little sprouts are reaching towards the light.

Finally removed two posters I bought maybe almost 2 years ago from their rolls to give them a home in the green house. Maybe some inspiration in he coming growing seasons. While foraging thru my seeds I found quite a few unknowns. Since my knowledge is still limited and I cant identity them all just by looks, in time however in time I will learn.

At the end of one of the days the sun faded and what seemed like a warm respite turned into a meditative , goose bump inducing chilling of calm as, the clouds swept in and the rain mixed with snow flakes and a little hail rained down upon the green house. This sound calmed me even more relaxed my mind and I sat down and just listened.

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