Day 279, Slumber

Day 279 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Slumber ~

Concealed confoundment

Wounds festering underneath

Surface shining bright.


Didn’t sleep much but that’s nothing new wrote this poem a couple days ago and I’m sure I had a different image or emotion while I was writing it but I wrote and set it aside til later. Today I opened my sketch book and just started sketching the first thing I thought of and that was Jean-Luc Picard the fictional character from Star Trek. I love the genre but last night I also finally really understood why my mother liked the series. She always found Patrick Stewart to be an attractive man, I must say I concur. Why you might wonder was I on a Star Trek kick, well because we normally like to try and watch films together now and then. And a couple weeks back I thought let’s start all the Star Trek films. I forgot how many there were… so every Sunday its been a new film, and yesterdays was First Contact, which featured the Borg. Cybernetic aliens that assimilate other species, tech, knowledge etc in the hunt for perfection. I enjoyed it and it inspired me to really sink my teeth into the book Posthuman Knowledge by Rosi Bradotti.

The poem I still think fits in this instance with this image, I’m describing a conflicting slumber, a restless storm brewing beneath the surface. Outwardly however we are polished and put together we are for the most part functioning but asleep. How well we are actually functioning is the true question when you look at us as a whole. Our collective histories and our present day and how we address past and present situations and what the future possibly holds, and what answers might potentially reveal themselves.

Day 279 (1 of 1)

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