Day 278, Eclipsing

Day 278 (2 of 2).jpg

~ Eclipsing ~

Dancing between worlds

Never truly seen or heard

Always evolving.


Today hopefully I’ll be ale to view the Supermoon that should rise later in my region around 1910 hours. Wanting to gaze upon its slightly larger appearance as it rises. But I’m not sure this will happen as the weather is also responding rather vigorously to it’s close proximity. Yesterday it was close and could be observed but today is the official day to see it, but the sky was blanketed in a mist of wispy clouds everywhere decreasing visibility greatly. It was still fun to sit and wait in anticipation. Today I shall try again, maybe the weather will provide a brief window maybe not. Just sketching a little today

Day 278 (1 of 2).jpg


and think I played with a different shading technique little more textured, shadows and lights and how they intermingle with each other. How the nuances of this, as well as life and death effects so much. Then I let my mind distract for a second and composed this little poem that also spells DNA take from that what you will. My mind today and the past couple days has been drifting in and out of so much. Something is afoot and its something we should take heed to yet I fear we shall not and sooner than later people will be back to what they call normal and repeating the same offenses over and over again. Stagnating in a realm of luxury and must haves and must buy, own, and control. I wish more could take the stance of must observe and just enjoy the moments we have. Maybe take a photo and admire from afar but do not destroy and remove. We all see and feel it in the end, and we know and most are aware or the repercussions. I do believe I’m experiencing great fears but also a great positiveness and possible purpose. I am rooting for all humans to come to a precipice of waking up and being there for each other.

Today I am however shortsighted and maybe greedy as I’,m solely focused on thankfully observing the Supermoon and its grandiosity as it dances across the sky in a choreographed universe of possibilities not reliant upon any actions from humans. Because its rather unfortunate but even in today’s times we see how some humans don’t come together for the whole, don’t, can’t, or simply won’t, unite to benefit the species. After all it is in times that we do not come together that we all fall apart.

Image started from a passionate place but I liked it resonated better in black and white.

Ok sky’s have parted this last line of thought and the sun is shining, might get to see the moon later definitely something to smile about.

Day 278 (1 of 2)


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