Day 277, Pierced

Day 277 (1 of 2).jpg

~ Pierced ~

A connections made

Eyes probing each others depths

Sinking into love.


Just calmly meditating digitally with my art today. When I think of things I can get lost in and calm down. We changed our space around during this social distancing and it’s made a nice difference I know that day when my Partner suggested it I didn’t want to but I mentally told myself just keep doing the next thing and the next thing only dedicating my focus to the next 5 min. Five hours later we were done and had moved our bedroom to a room that was used a storage and OMG, not sure why we didn’t do this so long ago. It helped it gave me a positive perspective that day and even though its a room we used for storage, now it feels like a newly reclaimed space and I love being in there now. Usually I’m always on my computer there’s always noise, news, TikTok, Instagram, catching up distracting myself etc.

Day 277 (2 of 2).jpg

I say all this to say I enjoyed a couple moments the past couple days where I just told myself no, I turned everything off and sat in a silence in our new moved around bedroom. I wrote in my journals and then took several books from the bookshelf and just chose one to get lost in. But just the magic of silence is so beautiful, you can hear the drips from the roof and the water outside, today I stood outside for some time after tending to the chicken and just focused on all the fluffy white snow falling. I heard some birds in the distance and the water along the shore, I just listened and allowed myself to truly be in the moment. This is something we loose when were to focused on the beeps our phone makes, all the notifications and memes and vids we have to and must see, all the must do’s. For me it all becomes extremely overwhelming so I’m, learning I have to shut it off and in doing so I feel alert and awake in ways I forgotten how to. I’m not to bad though when catching up with family and friends on Instagram I noticed my average daily time if I log at all is around 20 min. That still feels like an eternity getting lost in the scrolls and not the right kind. 🙂 I’m thinking how amazing it would be to visit some dusty old museum archives put on your gloves to protect the parchments and just glance, read and admire some actual scrolls. Now that’s some scrolling I could get behind.

Today a little happy poem of love. And a moment of nature just being beautiful.

Day 277 (1 of 2)

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