Day 276, ~Exasperation~

Day 276 (2 of 3).jpg~Exasperation~

Rushing winds explode

Forcefully ejected out

Collective screaming


I imagine so many are feeling helpless in these current times. This ordeal that has affected the whole world. One forcing humans to look at themselves even more than usual. Ones that is that have the time to do so. And those that are still intensely confronted with the failings of systems and checks and balances that have been over looked throughout the years and only now coming to the stark light of the day. Those fighting to do whatever they can to keep food on the table for their families because Day 276 (1 of 3)there is no other option. Today’s mood Exasperation is the culmination of so much, watching world leaders trying to navigate it all. Whats causing so much stress is like with most things you have people that are well unique in some way, from people licking toilet seats to catch the illness and go viral, to those throwing Covid-19 parties, drinking and wandering around empty streets ignoring attempts to flatten the curve and slow infections, people willfully basically put not giving a fuck. Companies using this to finally have a reason to engage even more aggressively in unscrupulous tactics. People trying to get rich quick by buying out everything they can and hoarding the essentials to price gouge and sell at unreasonable rates later. I’m reminded yet again of the film I recently watched on Netflix called (The Platform) and how it artistically depicts humanity. You wish humans could come together and self regulate thinking about the species as a whole instead of the self. But this is what some do, they think of the self selfishly first. This in itself is not inherently bad if you think in terms of by taking care of the self a little you are then placed in a position to take care of another. It is however when the later doesn’t take place that there is a problem.

Day 276 (3 of 3).jpgI’m the type that wants the sum of the whole to be lifted and not the few. I want my dreams to come to fruition that people will think about the whole and not the self. This way a species can persevere and become a contributing and balancing factor in the environment in which it inhabits. This has everything to do with the energy and home that we all share Earth. The downfall of man will come from their greed, and their ego that they hold domination over everything. We have to see, recognize and work with each other to evolve past those flaws.

Today’s piece was inspired by rising statistics of domestic abuse, and confrontations, divorces, sexual booms, and potential babies, joblessness, and uncertain futures, governments across the globe and its elected officials not functioning to unite but to create rifts among its people. Others exploiting the pandemic for personal gains.

So I screamed out loud in my pillow an explosive guttural wailing followed by an uncontrolled sobbing. I forced myself to sit at my desk afterwards spinning in my chair, and thought frack it I’ll draw what I just did screaming out loud. A collective irritation is being felt by many, but also I’m hoping a collective unity and positivity that some good and unifying factors can come from this.

Day 276 (3 of 3)

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