Day 275, Adornment

Day 275 (2 of 3).jpg

~ Adornment ~

Personal touches

Restraining and yet free

Detached and equal.



Quarantine accouterments, maybe what we fill our time with, my mind wanders freely today. My most used seems to be my headphones which I recently broke just a little bit. But heck if its not a little worn in its not loved completely in my humble opinion. So I think I’m loving them hard. Day 275 (1 of 3).jpgSince my work is on the computer, my hobbies and entertainment. All seem to be data focused, which means sometimes I’m standing at my computer or kneeling etc. The standing doesn’t work so well and maybe one day well build me a tall desk I could just stand at. I’ve read this is better for your body anyhow and health. Today I hoped into my digital playground and for a brief moment I thought how much crazier people would be going if besides quarantine we lost our internet, our electricity etc. Day 275 (1 of 1).jpgI might have a little moment of crazy, if I couldn’t log into my games or my digital vices. I would also find more joy focusing more on my easel, painting, my books and outdoor activities, exercise among other things. How would people deal with this is suddenly if they were shut off from the world as well. My partner and I started talking about survival things and what talents we had and what needed to be worked on. I know my gardening is one of those since a couple years back I grew some beautiful vegetables although they were micro mini’s lol. During my cocooning days I found a couple channels I fell in love with watching the discipline and talent needed to survive without any of the modern things we are used to and it had me in awe and a little inspired. Even though I still think I’d just lay down and die when it comes to insects and bugs and parasites etc. Uff I’m not a fan if they need to feed on me. I’ll link the video down below. And we all know with algorithms etc, you’ll quickly find others if interested.

Day 275 (3 of 3)We met our neighbor the other day while he was feeding the sheep and we talked for maybe a good 20 min or so just standing outside in the fresh air little over 6ft away from each other. And one of the things that came up was of course the world and how everything is being tackled, policies, people, panic etc. And how exactly its tearing people apart or bringing them together. The nature in some places bouncing back as the humans retreat from these locations for some time, next month and the asteroids passing etc. I immediately wanted to go into hostess mode inviting him over for coffee and some treats etc. But quickly remembered not at this time. Maybe another in the future depending on how things are.

Here’s the link and its calming to watch one of the things I love, natural sounds.

Day 275 (3 of 3)

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