Day 269, Waking

Day 269 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Waking ~

Elaborate dance

Revealing slumbers journey’s

Who, where, what, was I?


When does humanity wake up? When do we stop coveting these man made ideas, like currencies and wealth and excess, and really begin to see whats all around and within us? When do we finally unite, and is that actually and end that can be dreamt of? A point of enlightenment when as a species we realize what its all been about, this dance, this existence, with the other beings on the planet, the planet itself. If corporations can be people and afforded certain rights why do we still debate til were blue in the face the rights of the earth, of the animals and of each other, our fellow homo sapiens? Why do many of us have to watch in a melancholy stupor as the children of man fly far and fast leaving a trail in their wake and burning out bright and more destructive in their ends? At the end they cease to exist but the after shocks, the sediments that falls from their lack of hubris, toxic falling stars contaminating the earth.

This is how I woke today my mind racing my heart hurting as sign after sign, falls upon the heads of humans that the path they lay out and keep stumbling along is not serving and never will serve them well. Is it not Ironic that the numbers of 2020 for this year, have always denoted a sense of perfect vision and yet we stumble around blind unable to even see or focus on the most minuscule glimmer of the amazing care-taking species we could be for a planet that has opened its arms to us. Yet as we hack off every limb, slaughter its species, rape its lands, and gut it for everything we can to sell and profit from, devouring the very land we stand upon, we remain blindfolded willingly marching towards our inevitable destruction.

I woke a little early today in the position I depicted in today’s piece, mind racing of how I came to be in this position, what must the dance have been that brought me to rest finally this way and open my eyes. Mouth covered, by my own hand, to prevent a wailing painful sirens call, or Valkyries scream of power, an expulsion of every molecule of this body that within the night lived through things I can and did, dream of!

On a lighter note strides are constantly being made and we only draw breath because there are warriors fighting for a better world and a better understanding of this place we occupy in it. Fighting in the face of extreme unadulterated ignorance and greed. Planting seeds within us all, that will germinate, oxygenate and elevate our minds. With that we wake, we draw breath filling every molecule of our beings and we rise extending towards something….

Day 269 (1 of 1)

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