Day 268, Glimmer

Day 268 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Glimmer ~

Flickering beauty

Vanishing beacon at times

Human disconnect.


Sometimes you need a recharge, the quick charging techniques you utilized before fail to meet the requirements now. It takes time to build and to flourish in way that benefits so much more than the self. But when the self is lost in that darkness the voice is consumed as well, no sound escapes as you dissipate into nothingness. I’ve been fighting this for some time now, loosing that ability to compartmentalize the daily on goings of existence, what it means, what it is, where its going. So the light the torch the glow that inhabits and is my life force seems to flicker now and then, I only find solace in the fact that this means maybe it will continue for a great deal of time, at the same time I find this to be disturbing as how much pain and misery in the world can one observe before it seems a pointless endeavor. Or it seems like so much is skewed negative when there is some amazing and beauty as well.

My friend with her puppy, another friend with this chubby faced little baby, my mothers laugh when I call her and we speak for hours, My family on both sides when they have moments of joy, friends as well, strangers to. Sometimes however the blinders that can skew a perspective can greatly affect the flows of energy.

Day 268 (1 of 1)


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